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arbitration fees



Schedule of fees and fees of arbitrators

The administrative costs of AFCOT are 1.000 euros and are applied to non members.


Fees of arbitrators

Dispute involving an amount equal or less to 100.000 euros : The arbitration fees of the sole arbitrator are 2.400€


Amount of litigation Rate Fees by arbitrator Consolidated
100.001 to 500.000€
1,5% Max 6.000€
500.001 to 1 M€
0,60% Max 3.000€ 9.000€
1.M01 to 5.M€
0,25% Max 10.000€ 19.000€
From 5M€
and beyond
0,10% Max 30.000€ 49.000€


  • From the first level of 100.001 to 500.000€, three arbitrators are needed. Fees are to be multiplied by three.
  • Unlees otherwise agreed, the president of the court of arbitration will earn 40% and the two other arbitrators 30%.
  • In order to calculate the total cost, each levels must be cumulated.
  • The running costs of the court are paid off by the parties in equal shares on presentation of invoices.

Established on November 30, 2017



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