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Created in 1890, the French cotton association, AFCOT, aims to promote and defend the interests of professionals in the cotton sector.

ITS PRIME OBJECTIVE is to represent and defend the interests of cotton professionals, whatever the size of the company, its sector of activity, or its geographical location.

To achieve its objectives, AFCOT is carrying the following actions

  • By encouraging exchanges with specialists in the cotton sector, as well as with all cotton associations members of CICCA and all professions concerned with cotton, direct or indirect stakeholders.
  • By making available to everyone the ECR (European Cotton Rules).
  • By organizing an annual cotton event, including conferences and a discussion forum.

5 principal objectives :

  • Promote sanctity of contracts and arbitration awards
  • Represent and defend the interests of cotton professionals
  • Constitute a place of meetings and exchanges
  • Contribute to the development of the ECR
  • Promote cotton

Board of Directors

On 4th April 2023, the members of the executive committee elected the members of the board for a two-year term :

  • Mr Laurent PEYRE, Président
  • Mr Charles JANNET, Vice-Président/Past Président
  • Mr Thierry DEVILDER, Vice-Président/Secrétaire
  • Mrs Rachida BOUKHARAZ, Trésorier

Executive committee

  • Madame Rachida BOUKHARAZ (COPACO)
  • Monsieur Pascal DESMET (ED.T.ROBERTSON & Son)
  • Monsieur Thierry DEVILDER (DEVCOT SA)
  • Monsieur Charles JANNET (ECOM)
  • Monsieur Franck NIEDERGANG (COFCO International)
  • Monsieur Emmanuel SOLAL (CAM Négoce)
  • Monsieur Jean-Claude TALON (ATRAL Bénin)
  • Monsieur Frédéric VIEL (LOUIS DREYFUS Company)


The secretariat of the AFCOT

The secretariat of the French Cotton Association is located in Le Havre, 157 Boulevard de Strasbourg, 76600, France.

The coordinates of the AFCOT (French Cotton Association) :

157 Boulevard de Strasbourg, BP 143, 76051 LE HAVRE Cedex

Phone : 33 (0)2 35 41 20 36
Contact: info@afcot.org
Website : www.afcot.org

Secretary General : Emmanuelle DUCLOS

Code of Ethics

This Code of Ethics aims to reiterate the good conduct guidelines promoted by the French Cotton Association (AFCOT) for the commercial activities of the cotton trade.

In signing the Code of Ethics, every AFCOT member or new member undertakes to adopt the good business practices that the association supports.

Failure to do so may lead to temporary or definitive exclusion from AFCOT and the events that it organizes pursuant to Article 9 of our Articles of Association.

General obligations :

  • Complying with the statutes of the Association
  • Do not buy from, sell to or assist companies reported to have failed to fulfil awards resulting from arbitration conducted by CICCA members Associations.
  • Do not buy from, sell to or assist intermediary companies associated or trading with companies reported to have failed to fulfil awards resulting from arbitration conducted by CICCA members Associations.
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